The Crucible

A Gathering

Word has come down from on high that there are a number of people who may be suitable additions to the Bureau.  Sigrid Thordrssen, the current chief of the Scotland branch could very well see the pictographs on the walls.  Two of her staff were nearing, or past, retirement years and she wasn't very long behind them.  Valéria was the youngest, but eminently preferred to stay in her labs.  So, new talent was needed.

So, she sent Arnold Van Doren to speak with Nola Kana, a young woman with a high, if scattershot intelligence.  Arnold's wife, Anna, took on Alonzo Gonzalez. a brilliant computer programmer and quite unused to people.  Valéria picked up Ian MacGregor, the SAS veteran demolitions expert who was doing his level best to pretend to retire.  Lastly, Sigrid called in one of her students, Fiona Ward,  a drama student (and possibly queen) after she was assured the young woman had what it took.

Ian and Nola had each had some unexplainable experiences, so opening their viewpoint of the world was a little bit easier than for Fiona and Alonzo.  Still, after showing Alonzo the Living Script they use for Bureau encryption, and letting Fiona glimpse an inhabited Lyre, they all decided to give it a go to see about this new and bizarre opportunity.

They met at their offices, secret levels below the University of Edinburgh.  There, Sigrid began a basic orientation but couldn't finish.  Her niece, Angelina 'Lena' Beauchamp was in the hospital after being assaulted.  One of the policemen was aware to the weird in the world, and sent pictures of the documentation to Sigrid.  One was a sed postcard sent in 1920.  A very simplistic code revealed the message:  'Target located."  The other was a recent picture of a two-headed baby.  Lastly, there were two receipts for deliveries to Symtech Industries.




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